Internet Marketing

Getting yourself known on the internet these days is a complex and difficult task. A few years ago it was possible to simply develop a website, submit your site to the search engines, wait for a month or two and your off! Now there are billions of websites out there. The competition to be seen on the internet is staggering. However, all is not lost. There are steps you can take to improve your profile on the Internet. For the purposes of this article lets assume your website allows the purchase of diamond rings.

Always remember that your primary goal, if you are to succeed, is to be seen on the Internet. This ultimately means that a link to your website appears anywhere on the web you can place it!

Targeted traffic

What type of people do you want visiting your website?
If you are selling diamond rings then you obviously want people interested in diamond rings visiting your website. Targeted traffic is people that visit your website with a level of interest in the products, services or information that your website conveys. Bringing targeted traffic to your website is essential if you are to survive in the competitive online world. So just how do you deliver targeted traffic to your website?

Search engines

Search engines are probably the best way to bring targeted visitors to your website. The majority of people looking for information on the web use a search engine. Once development of your website is complete you should submit it to the main search engines. Don’t bother paying for this service as you can get it for free! Use the following search phrase to find free submission services (opens in a new window).

Submitting your website to the major search engines will not yield immediate results. The competition to be seen on the Internet is staggering. All websites are ranked by search engines. Initially, your search engine ranking will be poor. Ways to improve your search engine ranking are discussed later in this article.

Business directories

Business directories, as the name suggests, contain business listings. You should add your website to as many of these as possible, especially the free ones. Try the following search to obtain a list of business directories (opens in a new window).


Write informative articles relating to your product. Don’t actually try too hard sell your product within the article – this tends to put people off. At the end of the article place a link back to your website. If readers of your article find it interesting and informative they are more likely to visit your website. A visit to your website is a potential customer! They have already read your article so if they click your link they are more likely to buy. There are numerous websites on the internet that allow you to submit your article for free. Try the following search which opens in a new window to get some ideas.

You can submit articles related to building an online business to my own website.


Classifieds are similar to what you might find in newspapers. Classifieds are an effective promotional tool. Typically, you are allowed to supply a headline, image and some descriptive text for your classified, and a hyperlink to a landing page. So for example, if your main business website is to sell diamond rings your classified might describe your main selling points such as discounts, free shipping/delivery etc. Your landing page might be the page on your website where people can actually buy from you. There is usually a charge for placing a classified advertisement on a website. If the website you are posting your classified to receives a lot of web traffic then you have a good chance of being seen. Try the following search to see a list of websites where you can post your classified advert.

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Time Lost

There was so much time I lost with them. Most of the day I couldn’t be with them. I lost many hours in a day that I wish I would have been able to have with them. When I would lay down and go to sleep at night, I would cry thinking about how they weren’t home with me. How I was missing watching them fall asleep at night. How I was missing rocking them to sleep, singing to them, and being so tired but not wanting to put them down. For five weeks I ached for both of them to be home, to make up for that time that was lost. Then Kade came home and I began to make up time with him and yet, I still ached every night for two more weeks for Jax. I lost time with him on his first Christmas because he was still in NICU. Then, the day after Christmas, I had both my babies home. The amount of happy I was, was indescribable. To be near me though, you could feel the happiness and joy radiating off of me. I was so beyond tired with both of them home, but I was bathed in joy. Hubby had been sick since Christmas morning and naturally, the babies got sick too. Kade handled it better though and didn’t get as sick, Jax however, got very sick and the day after New Years, he was back in the hospital.